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Electric scooters were top vehicles in 2018

25. januar 2019 09.09.29 CET

We have not decided for any reason to enter the market of electric scooters and we have not entered it just because we think electric scooters are a cool way of transport. The simplicity of using electrical scooters and the possibility of avoiding any kind of traffic jams is why electric scooters marked last year. That is why we have decided to extend our offer with the new Green City model of electric scooter.

There are more and more companies that are deciding to get into the electric scooter business. There has been an increasing number of people and companies involved in renting e-scooters, which is making transport easier than ever, for tourists and the local population. Although we have not yet entered the area of electric scooter renting, we hope to see it in the near future. We recommend that you try out some of our electric scooters from our offer. One of them is Cherokee, an elegant electric scooter with LED lights and a large 8.5" wheel which will save you from traffic jams. Also, there is the Green City model of an electric scooter with some smaller wheels, but with an exceptionally solid design thanks to what you can enjoy in a safe and stable ride.

Electric scooters are not only practical for driving, but they are extremely environmentally friendly. Comparing to the car where a lot of contaminated gases are released, electric scooters are surely the top choice and the vehicle of the future. This year, there will be even more development of the e-scooter market. This is not just about us who will choose the alternative form of transportation, but also on large companies such as Ford and Uber who have already invested significant resources in the development of the electric scooter market.

That is why we invite you to change your life habits today and invest money in an alternative form of transport.